I don’t “hate” President Trump

It seems common in President Trump’s community to assume that anyone who doesn’t support him must “hate” him.

I, for one, have never “hated” Donald Trump, but today I “fear” him. I fear him and his team because their actions are accelerating our nation down a path we have been on for decades. They are moving us closer and closer to trading what is left of our democracy to an autocratic government.

I also “fear” Attorney General Barr, who is carefully dismantling many of the laws that protect us from such an autocratic government and that guarantee the civil rights of those outside the president’s community.

I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat and would not be welcomed or comfortable in either setting as I am more conservative than progressive. However, since the rise of the Tea Party, the Democrats appear the only ones who will work with me at the local level to build a compromise that protects those who need protection. There is not much room for compromise when dealing with members of the Republican Party. And, unfortunately, since Trump came on the scene, the Democrats are also setting up moats to protect their interests and lockout those who don’t pass their purity tests.

Our Democracy is under attack from many sides, with the major initiatives coming from the financial community.

Today, Free Markets have almost disappeared. This has been clearly reported in many forms;

Because of “consolidation”, the Free Market no longer exists in many places. But that is not the only damaged by the movement towards consolidation.

When talking with a local elected representative about their aversion to rent control, I introduced her to the concept of “reverse rent control”. The owners have all the power. Because of the shortage in the supply of rental housing, prices continue to rise. However, local rules and regulations ensure that no new, affordable housing is built. Thus the supply and demand curve is broken.

If supply cannot increase to meet the demand, there is no free market.

There is also the issue of the Free Press. Does it currently exist?

Then there is the humanization of Corporations. In a series of decisions over the past 40 years, the Supreme Court has radically expanded constitutional rights for corporations. The straw that broke this camel’s back was the granting of First Amendment rights, ruling that corporate political spending was protected speech.

How can we have fair and balanced elections when corporations are free to pour millions of dollars into political campaigns, hiding their actions behind corporate privacy. Who owns that PAC that just dumped millions of dollars into ads supporting “the other guy”?

There are many, many other channels through which our freedoms are being attacked. I don’t know the solution and have nothing but Free Speech to advocate for change. I do know that by working on local issues we can still have an impact on the quality of life in our community. So, that is where I have been focusing my efforts.

This article was written as a response to being accused, for the umpteenth time, of “hating” the president. I don’t hate him, but he sure has a way to triggering my “fright” button.

I am an SOB: Son of a Bos’n — Sailor, Preacher, Advocate, Computer Geek.

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